Phosphate Measurement (PO4/PO4-P)

PHOSPHATO Orthophosphate Analyser

The PHOSPHATO series features online analysers for the continuous monitoring of the orthophosphate concentration for measuring ranges up to 50 mg/l PO4-P.

Available in three different housings: Standing with castors as PHOSPHATO-LAB, wall-mounted as PHOSPHATO-PRO or as PHOSPHATO-FIX in a heated stainless steel cabinet for outdoor installation at the site of measurement.


  • Low reagent consumption
  • Easy handling
  • High accuracy
  • Highly reliable
  • Robust design

The instrument applies the photometric yellow method. This method is highly recommended by German wastewater association DWA. A wide measuring range up to 50 mg/l is covered with high accuracy. The maximum measuring range can be reached without manual changes to the instrument settings or recalibration. This makes PHOSPHATO highly reliable for detecting irregularities.

Eco-Save feature: automatic adjustment of the reagent dosage to the actual measuring value can further reduce the low reagent consumption.

Wastewater (wastewater treatment plants, paper industry, refineries, pharmaceutical industry)