Measuring Transducers

Gicon 1000 Multiparameter Controller

The measuring transducer for all GIMAT probes. The simple menu structure and the touchscreen facilitate initial training and make operation straightforward. The integrated data logger and the diagram view make it possible to view the daily curve of the measured values on site on the display of the measuring transducer.

The Gicon 1000 is available in different housings: The sturdy IP65 housing is designed for outdoor installation directly at the site of measurement. The installation housing is a compact alternative for indoor installation, so that the display can be located in line of sight of the staff.

The measuring transducer Gicon 1000 can serve as a controller as well: 4 relays are available for switching tasks or alarm output.


  • Controller functions
  • Touchscreen
  • Easy handling
  • Suitable for 4 probes simultaneously
  • Robust
  • For all GIMAT probes
  • For indoor and outdoor use