Unique Material and Workmanship 20-year Warranty

Because of the excellent material quality and processing, our samplers are extremely durable. That pays off for you! Now, the purchase of the proven GIMAT samplers is even more attractive: We have extended the warranty on rusting of the housing to 20 years! Such a promise of quality is unique and only available from GIMAT!

Efcon®omy Stationary Sampler

The Efcon family of automatic samplers to ISO 5667, in a robust, double-walled plastic housing, are flexibly configurable, reliable and economical partners for all applications.

The modern control unit Jazz allows time, quantity and event proportional sampling and time preselection.

Plastic Housing with 5-year Warranty

With this device, we offer a low-cost alternative to samplers in stainless steel. In addition, we grant a 5-year warranty on the robust, patented thermoplastic housing.

The plastic housing has a 40 to 60 mm thick insulation made of PUR foam all around. This ensures reliable and energy-efficient cooling of your water sample.

Vacuum, Peristaltic Pump

The stationary Efcon samplers are available with various sampling techniques and are thus ideally suited for a wide range of applications:

  • with vacuum withdrawal
  • with peristaltic pump

Inline systems for pipelines, optionally:

  • with collective sample
  • with different distribution sizes
  • self-draining and cleaning

Easy Operation and Maintenance

The operation of the Efcon sampler is super easy. With menu structures and status messages in plain text you know what you are at a glance.

The most common cause of equipment failure is with vacuum samplers in the pinch valves. That is now past. Simple visual inspection makes sure everything is OK. If necessary, simply change the hose. The sampler is ready for operation again at low cost and in no time at all.


  • Very good isolation
  • Modern control
  • Extremely robust design
  • Patented, sturdy case with 5-year warranty
  • Environmentally stable

The sample is sucked in via a vacuum generated by a compressor. The samples are then filled into a 20-liter mixed sample container or by means of a rotary distributor in 12 or 24 bottles. Maximum suction height is 7 m. For higher suction heights, the sampling takes place by means of a vacuum pump via a peristaltic pump.

Also available with peristaltic pump, pusher and ILS systems. Your GIMAT account manager will advise you on these solutions for pipes, pressure, higher temperatures or sludge.

  • Wastewater including industrial wastewater
  • River water
  • Landfill water

Efcon® Wall-mounted / Portable Sampler

Sampler for wall mounting with sturdy thermoplastic housing according to ISO 5667. Easy to transport – ideal for use as portable sampler together with the separately available rack.

The economic solution when no temperature-controlled cabinet for the samples is needed or if sampling is only required temporary.

The modern controller Jazz with LCD display allows time, flow and event proportional sampling.


  • Very good isolation
  • Modern control
  • Extremely robust design
  • Patented, sturdy case with 5-year warranty
  • Environmentally stable

Wastewater, including industrial wastewater