Cobalt Measurement (Co)

Gustav Mahler Cobalt Analyser

The online analyser “Gustav Mahler” from Seibold’s Composer analyser family continuously determines the cobalt concentration. Robust, proven and tested measurement technology affords high precision and sensitivity while keeping instrument complexity low. The result is a cost-efficient measurement. Easy and safe handling thanks to non-toxic reagents.


  • High accuracy
  • Easy handling
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Low cost per measurement
  • Robust design

The analyser adds a reagent specific for cobalt to the sample. If cobalt ions are present, a stable chelate complex forms between metal and reagent. This complex with its characteristic colour is detected precisely in the spectrophotometer. The intensity is directly proportional to the concentration of cobalt.

The analyser takes care of regular automatic cleaning and calibration.

Process water (battery production, dyes and pigments, glass and porcelain, electroplating)