Total Organic Carbon Measurement (TOC)

TOC analyser DIMATOC 2100

The DIMATOC 2100 is a laboratory analyser according to DIN EN 1484 for the determination of the total organic carbon (TOC) and related parameters.

A clear display simplifies operation. The software is easily understandable and features many valuable functions for professional laboratory use, such as automatic calibration or repeated measurement. Customisable for LIMS.

The analyser comes with a 2-channel system. Both channels can be configured freely, allowing differential TOC measurement, different catalysts in the two reactors or reserving the reactors for different measuring ranges.

The reliable tubeless injection system delivers samples into the two reactors and prevents contamination.

Included are a sample rack and an autosampler featuring shaking / stirring and automatic acidification and purging.


  • Very short measuring times
  • Excellent particle permeability
  • Minimum maintenance
  • High tolerance for salts
  • Industrial-grade heavy-duty catalyst

The DIMATOC® 2100 employs a thermal oxidation at 700 to 900 °C supported by an industrial catalyst with high durability.

The well thought-out construction becomes obvious during maintenance: components are easily accessible and exchanging a reactor is a matter of minutes.

  • Process water (paper industry, refineries, beverage industry, food industry)
    Municipal sewage treatment plants
    River water