Carbon Dioxide Measurement (CO2)

CooRe CO2 Tester / Refractometer

CooRe combines an automatic CO2 tester and a refractometer in one device, making it the world’s first measuring device of its kind. CooRe measures beverages from bottles or cans.

Thanks to the sturdy mechanics, the piercing unit easily penetrates any type of bottle.
The measurement is fully automated and starts at the press of a button. This guarantees reliable, comparable results, independent of the operator.
The touchscreen control unit offers extensive additional functions, such as programmable scales and data log.


  • Portable
  • Easy handling
  • No shaking by hand
  • Two control measurements in one step
  • No gas cylinders needed

The entire measuring process has been thoroughly optimized. A measurement requires only 100 ml of sample and takes 1 minute. CooRe can either be operated with mains power or a lithium ion battery. Measurement is possible at any time in places without stable power supply.

Unlike traditional CO2 testers, CooRe does not require gas cylinders to take in and expel samples. The built-in pump takes over this task. This makes mobile use even easier and lowers operating costs.

Beverage industry