Handheld Refractometers (ATAGO)

PAL Series

Measure quickly and easily anywhere with the PAL digital handheld refractometers. A few drops are enough. A measurement takes only 3 seconds. Thanks to the digital display, the values ​​are always easy and clear to read. Perfect for complementing your inline analytics.

The PAL series consists of over 100 models with pre-set scales for all applications! Awarded for functional design (Good Design Award 2003).

The PAL is protected according to IP65. After use, simply clean it under running water. The specially designed measuring surface made of metal prevents spilling of the sample and allows rapid adjustment of the temperature.

Contains the patented ELI system: The PAL warns reliably and automatically when stray light interferes with the measurement. In this case, simply shade the device with your hand and repeat the measurement.

A calibration certificate is available upon request when ordering.


  • Easy to use
  • Washable
  • Calibration with water
  • Handy and ergonomic
  • Temperature compensation
  • Awarded, functional design

PAL-1: The bestseller for brix measurement in food and beverages.

PAL-1i and PAL-1A: The proven PAL-1 with Bluetooth – Use your iPhone or Android device as a wireless data logger! Coming soon for all PAL models available!

PAL-S: Emulsions such as milk products often provide inconsistent readings. The PAL-S uses an optimized measurement mode, which significantly improves the reproducibility in these samples.

Specialized models for a wide variety of applications can be found below on this page.

For further information in English language please visit ATAGO´s website under www.atago.net.

PAL product range and typical applications