Überwachung gem. TRGS 611

Konzentration Ölgehalt und pH-Wert von KSS

Compact Unit LUBRI-CONT for Monitoring the pH and the Oil Concentration of Cooling Lubricants

The LUBRI-CONT is a system for the automatic monitoring of water-mixed cooling lubricants that are used for turning, milling and drilling of workpieces. It measures the pH and, as a measure of the oil concentration, the Brix values in real time.

The LUBRI-CONT essentially consists of the following components:

  • special oil-resistant pH electrode
  • pH transmitter
  • process refractometer for Brix measurement
  • flow cells
  • micro pump
  • mounting plate
KSS-Kompakteinheit LUBRI-CONT

Screw on and get started right away

All components are of high quality and suitable for industrial use. These are mounted on a mounting plate by GIMAT prior to delivery. The LUBRI-CONT can be installed close to the lubricant storage tank to save space. It is ready for connection. When the system is switched on, the micro pump begins to deliver sample automatically. The measurement values for pH and Brix are already displayed after a very short time.

Maintenance-friendly continuous operation

The LUBRI-CONT is suitable for continuous operation. The special industrial electrode for pH is resistant to oil and insensitive to dirt. The inline refractometer is also ideal for this application. The special optics and the flow cell also make the sensor insensitive to coatings or precipitations. Everything on the LUBRI-CONT is designed and arranged in such a way that maintenance can be carried out quickly and the maintenance intervals are very long.

Automation and IoT made easy

All measured values are clearly legible and digitally displayed on site. They are constantly updated, so users can react immediately if there are deviations from the target status, e.g. by adding oil and / or additives. In addition, the measured values for pH and Brix are output via two separate analog current outputs as 4-20 mA. A conversion of the signals into digital data is optionally possible. A network connection can then even be implemented. In both cases things as the addition of fresh oil can be automated.

A module for remote data transmission (RDT) is also optionally available for the LUBRI-CONT. With this, the measurement values can be transmitted wirelessly, e.g. via a LoRAWAN gateway to a cloud application.

There is a fixed factor between the Brix value and the oil concentration for each cutting oil used, which is specified by the manufacturer of the cutting oil. With appropriate parameterization of the process control system or a cloud application, the Brix values can be multiplied there with the refractometer factor. A measured Brix value can then be output and documented as an oil concentration for the user.

Basis for a modern fluid management

The LUBRI-CONT is ideal for getting started with the automated, effective service for cooling lubricants. The use of a LUBRI-CONT offers users the advantages of modern fluid management: Long service life with perfect oil condition, resulting in high processing quality with simultaneous cost savings.

Benefits and Technical Data

  • real time measurement of oil concentration and ph values
  • continuous operation
  • plug&play: Attach, connect, work
  • fast calibration
  • digital display
  • suitable for industrial use, robust
  • maintenance friendly