IFAT 2024 in Munich: New online analyser for COD measurement of waste water

COD analyser EcoMetrix_COD

The Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) is one of the most important sum parameters worldwide for assessing the degree of contamination of wastewater. GIMAT has completely revised its previous model series for online analysis of COD. On the occasion of IFAT 2024, which will take place from 13th to 17th, the newly developed analyser EcoMetrix_COD will be presented to a larger audience for the first time in Munich in May.

The EcoMetrix_COD measuring method combines ecological and economic advantages. The EcoMetrix_COD works exclusively with non-toxic hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) instead of the dangerous dichromate. When UV light is activated, its highly oxidative effect develops.

Economical and safe operation

The H2O2/UV method was patented by GIMAT in 1988 and has been further developed since then. Another advantage of this method is that hydrogen peroxide is very inexpensive. This enormously reduces the high consumption costs that are common with other COD processes.
The probe and the hydrogen peroxide are irradiated with UV light in an encapsulated reactor. Therefore, this method is also safe for occupational safety reasons.

Short measuring cycles

Thanks to the TPIC method newly developed by GIMAT, the response time of the COD analyzer has been halved compared to previous models. A measurement only takes about 10 minutes. The EcoMetrix_COD can therefore be used very well in applications where COD values ​​change suddenly. The EcoMetrix_COD is therefore also suitable for control and regulation tasks (e.g. closing a slide). In addition, the pause time between two measurements can be adjusted. So is e.g. B. for the wastewater treatment plant outlet, where the COD values ​​change only very slowly, extremely low-consumption and cost-effective online measurement will be possible in the future.

Large measuring range and low consumption

Also new is the independent selection of measuring ranges in the range from 200 to 20,000 mg/l COD. This is accompanied by a significantly reduced reagent consumption, especially when measuring small values. This saves working time when preparing the reagent as well as costs. The new EcoMetrix_COD also sets standards in terms of maintenance effort.

Wide range of possible uses

The new EcoMetrix_COD from GIMAT is aimed at users in municipal wastewater treatment plants, but also at those where wastewater from the paper industry, beverage and food industries, and chemicals must be monitored. Especially in sewage treatment plants, the EcoMetrix_COD is an alternative to complex and very expensive TOC analyzers, which are often used to determine the COD content online.


All ingredients of wastewater that consume oxygen chemically during oxidation. In addition to carbon compounds, these may also be nitrogen and sulfur compounds.

TOC (Total Organic Carbon) records only the carbon compounds. Other wastewater ingredients that have a COD but no carbon are not detected.

If the water and wastewater composition changes, an exact conversion factor cannot be calculated.

Sometimes good relationships can be established between the SAC (Spectral Absorption Coefficient) and the COD. But with fluctuating wastewater composition, often no good connection can be determined.

The COD value, since the treatment plant is designed after the COD and in the laboratory usually the COD is determined.

The combination of the oxidizing agent H2O2 and UV light as an energy source. This makes the GIMAT method safe for the user, environmentally friendly and at the same time it guarantees very good digestion of the sample.

Oxidation by Ozone (O3), but Ozone is very harmful to operators.

20~2,000 mg/l without dilution of the sample. Measurement ranges of 200~20,000 mg/l can be accheived in case of dilution by potable water.


  • High accuracy
  • Easy handling
  • Eco-friendly method
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Short response time
  • Robust design
  • Low operating costs