VIBA_EX – The new device reliably removes (Corona-)viruses and bacteria

Covid­19 / Corona ­ More safety forcustomers, patients and employeeswith cents for disinfecting air.

The corona pandemic hit numerous countries in the first half of 2020 with high numbers of infections,numerous victims and devastating economic consequences.

The highly contagious virus spreadsthrough the air and, under suitable conditions, can persist as an aerosol for a long time.

Badly ventilated interior rooms are the main sources of transmission with particularly high infection rates. UV-C light kills viruses and bacteria.

An UV-based air disinfection device eliminates infectious germs inthe room air and increases safety for employees and customers.

VIBA_EX, the modern air purifier from GIMAT, for room sizes up to 100 m² is now fully developed and affordable.

The Covid-1 9 disease, which began to spread in late 2019, has developed into a global pandemic within a few months.

Progress and symptoms of Covid­ 19

A disease with Covid-19 lasts on average two to six weeks. Typical consequences of a Covid-19 disease are difficult to describe. In fact, a rangeof possible symptoms was observed in the recorded cases ofillness, which can occur to different degrees. Patients sick with Covid-19 often suffered froma cough, feveror common cold.

Disorders of thesense of smell and taste were also recordedand, inrarercases, numerous other symptoms, including shortness of breath andvarious types of pain. Th ebest known is probably the risk of severe pneumonia caused byCovid-19, which can also lead to death.

However, the disease can also proceed without any symptoms. Anyone who has survived Covid-19, in the best case after a mild course of the disease, might might still be struck. A medical study shows that consequences for the heart arelikely: 60% of a group of patients who had recently over come Covid-19 disease, myocarditis was found, even though two thirds of thosetested only had a light course of disease, which they could cure at home.